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All the very best! Goosebumps reading your story, I feel your enthusiasm & willpower radiate from all the way through my phone reading screen. Will be praying for you!
Ini penyakit dan pesakit dalam pendidikan.Terima kasih kepada yang menyaman.Sekurang-kurangnya kes ini dapat memberi peringatan kepada semua guru akan harapan murid kepada mereka.
Tey Shong Hui
Kan ini perkara biasa di semua sekolah kebangsaan dari dulu. Guru takhadir cuti bersalin, cuti kahwin macam macam cuti. Ada masa diganti dengan guru sejarah untuk mengajar matamatik. Mutu penbelajaran menjunam sejak 1980an. Eloklah disaman dengan Kementerian Pelajaran sekali.
Jeffery Dino
Jangan makan gaji buta
Ali Baba Baba
Ramai sangat guru tdak masuk kelas dekat sabah.. Dia ingat era 70an yg boleh dkasi bodoh2 org2 luar bandar
Nasi Perikatan
Biar ini jadi permulaan bagi keskes lain dalam sistem pendidikan negara seperti di kolej, ipg, u dsb. Perkara ini berlarutan kerana pengguna tidak dididik tentang hak mereka. Manakala pihak atasan cuba 'cover up' kerana kpi mereka/ jabatan tidak terjejas. Kan kita ada slogan 'MALAYSIA BOLEH'
Arulselvan Raju
Bila dah jadi mcm ni....maka2 masing2 punya bahagian kena bertanggungjawab. Pengetua...PPD...dan guru terlibat. Gaji jalan, tapi tanggungjawan tak laksanakan.
7 months absent and the education department did nothing. "Betul2 gaji buta". In private companies, 3 days absent without reasons, they'll sack him. This one 7 months nothing happen till a student voiced it out. Mati Malaysia.
The main reason for this kind of attitude is because Kementerian seem to give the headmaster /headmistress posts to those close to retirement. They have no motivation because they have not much time left why bother...unless you r the conscientious .
Headmaster /Headmistresses playing truant is very common. They will tell their office some cock & bull stories and most often the office will also cover for them bodek them.It is not only in rural schools but even in city like Damansara. I can name the school too.
The teacher Jainal Jamran should be sacked immediately and the Ministry should ask him to pay back all his salary for the 7 months. When civil servants commit a misconduct, they should not be let off lightly with just a transfer. Civil servants are not above the Law.
Praise must be given to this student who is courageous and have strong leadership conviction to bring this matter to court. Now let us see if the court has equally strong conviction on what is right or wrong and bring accountability back to our schools. If Malaysiakini and other media companies are true to their profession, there should be extensive media investigation into this widespread issue. This issue is happening not only in remote towns of Kota Belud but in schools in the Klang Valley and in urban areas like Georgetown.
The question is why are the media companies and journalists not doing their job in investigating this issue? Afraid of losing their licenses? It is well known that headmasters and teachers absent themselves frequently and get away with it because nobody wants to be the whistleblower. This is a form of corruption because headmasters and teachers have power over students and parents and they are abusing their power.
Way to go, Nafirah, we are all rooting for you.
When it comes to the man in the street, the little girl in school, the institutionalized monster always seems to have the upper hand. This time, we hope that the ogre is brought down a peg or two. Or three. And again it is Sabah, whose trials and tribulations never seem to cease. If it is not teachers going on long extended vacations, it is students being forced to climb trees to get internet access.
Whoever instituted the court action, whether a 15 year-old child herself or her parents, it reveals the enthusiasm, the longing of the child to equip herself with a sound foundation in education and especially English. And in response, the teacher allegedly absconds from her responsibilities not for a couple of days but for months on end. Which if true makes us wonder what the heck the school was doing.
Whichever way we look at it, Nafirah Siman certainly will receive not only our support but also our admiration. This is the classic case of David taking on Goliath with the added spice that Goliath here is the schoolyard bully, where right is what the Establishment decides and all mortals must fall in line. Or else.
The Appellate Court should review the decision on how the Headteacher right up to the Director General of Education, managed to wrangle out of this case,They had a duty to provide her the education that she needed. This they failed. The issue of VICARIOUS LIABILTY CERTAILY arises in this case. Check it out.
Accountability and, enforcement to ensure accountability r two issues plaguing this nation
Im not sure which part is it that you are referring as 'normal' , but if it is directing to the behaviours of teachers that skip classes for days, weeks or months without valid reason, then that is SHOULD NOT BE NORMALISED. Students are investment for our future, like it or not. It is palpable that these irresponsible teachers had failed to see that. Not only that is harmful but very morally wrong as well.
The same happens in schools of Orang Asli settlements in Peninsular Malaysia. Personally experienced.
i invite you to have a first hand experience of these types of teachers here in Sabah. Teachers who skip classes for months are very common here. Nafirah's attempt to speak up about this should be taken as an example to put a stop to these irresponsible educators.
Well done! Give us your bank account number Nafirah Siman. We support you all the way. Let us all shine a light upon dark deeds in Malaysia!
OBSERVER from Space
Whenever this happens, ask your kids to post it on whatsapp, fb, instagram etc. This helps record the event, create awareness and minimise its re-occurance.
All you parents having children study or had studied in national school, especially secondary schools, please please enquire and you shall find that absenteeism is extremely common, so common that our children don’t bother to tell anymore!! It’s the same with most governmental departments........
This is common, a school in PJ the Gurubesar comes in at 8.30 most of the time, does not go out for inspection of walkabout the school, just sits in her room and goes on Shopee Shoping. Also goes for massage during school hours..... well these are the people educating out future generation!!!
Well done girl! Respect you! Looks like Sabah n Education Dept there is really a WILD WILD WEST!
Annonnymous 080
7 months absent and the education department did nothing. "Betul2 gaji buta". In private companies, 3 days absent without reasons, they'll sack him. This one 7 months nothing happen till a student voiced it out. Mati Malaysia.
Kudos to the brave student. Younger generation of Sabahans rising!
Bani Adam
Do not bare the educators roles if one cant even attend to teach in class. Such shame and disgrsce brought upon Sabah name and the entire teachers academy.
Good. Let the show begin to clean-up the progressive rot in our education system. The guilty ones should be given public caning in their respective schools.
...and MOE should bear in mind that transferring an erring teacher is not the solution. It is just passing on the problem.
Minister of the MOE please take stern action against these lazy teachers and headmaster. Remove or demote them with immediate effect.
Daeng Lajib
Mini kingdoms with their mini Emperors, eh?
Mohd Bakri 3
Half the teachers who do show up to the classes don’t teach, the mentality of doing nothing and lazing about has be a gnome of many teachers, that’s why parents are forced to send their children to tuitions , sadly most tuition centers are run by the same lazy teacher who doesn’t tech in school
These “ teachers “ had spoiled the future of the children under their care . Beside this they even had to guts to receive their salary when they were not carrying out their duty The ministry department schools & teachers who violate this principle should be sacked & charged for short changing the students & the tax paying parents Schools first then all the other government department which give service to the public
Bravo bravo
Two Come Out
All the best, Nafirah!! I hope this case serves as a lesson to reform our education system and to implement the right to information.
Another case of gaji haram
Where was the headmaster when all this was happening....Sack the teacher and the headmaster for their carelessness.
Musang King
Mcm mana boleh takde cikgu kot ye pon takde pengganti?
a school in tuaran is understaffed but they can’t get a new teacher bcus apparently this teacher name is still there despite not coming to teach
I remember signing a petition during school because the teacher won’t enter the class. Lmao I’m proud of my generation for being ballsy.
Bukan setakat guru. Staf AKS pun ada. Kenapa? Sebab yang paling dititikberatkan adalah apa yg dicatatkan pada kertas - pencatat kehadiran dan RPH.
There's another case in a neighbouring district too. The lady teacher has been away for years. Only to come back after MCO for approx.2 she's gone.Shes teaching English and pupils have been left teacher-less.
Indeed! Very proud of her stand. Definitely an example to follow rather than mcm lembu kena tarik hidung je all the time when it comes to teachers and KPM.
Someone has to stand up, enough is enough. Let's stop this unethical practice of #guruponteng.
Wow I have heard of teachers not teaching and being absent during my mom’s time in the 60s but this happening now is a shame.
This issue occurs in almost all rural areas in M'sia. It's also under-represented, researched, discussed, or even made it 2 the front cover of any local educational reports. I fully support this movement as i believe there r teachers who don't deserve 2 b called a teacher.
Really glad to encounter your movement! It was just a hearsay here and there, passed stories from/to one another, and now it's a solid case for what it's worth!

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