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The Tiada.Guru Campaign

In 2015, Siti Nafirah was in Form 4 at SMK Taun Gusi in Kota Belud, Sabah: one of Malaysia's ten poorest districts.

In 2018, she summoned seven parties, from her ex-teacher to the Federal Government. Her Court filings named a months-absent English teacher and detailed threats, witnesses, fabricated records, and a systematic cover-up.

In 2020, three more SMK Taun Gusi students—Calvina, Rusiah, and Nur Natasha—joined Siti Nafirah and filed similar High Court summons.

Ministry of Education whistleblowers founded this Campaign: it is time for pendidikan bersih.

The latest from the Campaign

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From the Plaintiffs

Read the Plaintiffs' statements to the media. Authorised by their High Court legal teams.

The culture of fear protecting MOE misconduct must end.

What is Tiada.Guru?

  • Led by MOE teacher whistleblowers
  • Not associated with any political party
  • Built on principles of justice, equality
  • Founded in and for rural Sabah, now and forever
  • Anti-corruption, anti-misconduct, anti-fraud
  • Stubbornly committed: litigation is just step one

The plan is simple.

Defeat the Ministry of Education in a public High Court trial. Twice.
Expose Malaysians to the Ministry's misconduct, corruption, and fraud.
End the fear culture vs. child victims and start education for liberation.
Our MOE whistleblowers maintain protected identities.

Who represents Tiada.Guru publicly?

Fiqah Roslan

Sharmila Sekaran

Sharmila Sekaran is a senior litigation lawyer, child rights advocate, and Voice of the Children co-founder & chairperson. By day an advocate & solicitor, Sharmila is one of Malaysia’s most dedicated legal advocates to protect the rights of children. By night, Sharmila’s fearless policy & legal analysis have set the record straight on Astro Awani, Malaysiakini, the Malay Mail, Free Malaysia Today, Sky News, the Washington Post, and more. Sharmila acts as Tiada.Guru’s Peninsular Director.

A born and raised Sabahan, Fiqah Roslan is passionate about civic empowerment and human rights. As representative of the Tiada.Guru campaign, she advocates for clean and quality education. Her other advocacy work includes supporting youth self-empowerment through democracy, with youth-led organisations Undi Sabah and Belia di Bawah Bayu. As an independent journalist, together with all-women journalist colleagues, she co-founded Borneo Speaks as a platform of alternative media telling Bornean stories with a focus on Sabahan communities.

2018 High Court Plaintiff

Siti Nafirah binti Siman

Where it all started: Siti Nafirah is from Kampung Jawi-jawi in Kota Belud, Sabah.

Of five siblings, Siti Nafirah is the youngest and the only daughter. Raised by her mother, Siti Nafirah's father passed away when she was 7 years old.

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2020 High Court Plaintiff

Rusiah binti Sabdarin

The first 2020 Plaintiff to join the summons, Rusiah is from Kampung Taun Gusi II in Kota Belud, Sabah.

In 2017, Rusiah was the class monitor and thus responsible for the buku kawalan / teacher attendance book. Rusiah and her four siblings have been raised by their single father, a chicken trader.

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2020 High Court Plaintiff

Nur Natasha Allisya binti Hamali

Nur Natasha is fighting for "all students who have suffered particularly in Kota Belud, Sabah."

Nur Natasha was an SMK Taun Gusi Prefect. The daughter of a policeman-turned-iman, and homemaker, Nur Natasha is the eldest daughter with two older brothers and one younger sister.

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2020 High Court Plaintiff

Calvina binti Angayung

Born in Pitas, Sabah, Calvina now lives in Kampung Rampayan Laut in Kota Belud, Sabah.

The daughter of a fisherman, Calvina became SMK Taun Gusi's Head Prefect at 16 years old. Raised on a coastal village, Calvina is the first child in her family to enter university.

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Coming soon

A revolutionary documentary

The Tiada.Guru Campaign is humbled to partner with the Freedom Film Network and Goethe-Institut Malaysia to bring an unprecedented look into Kota Belud, Sabah; this High Court public interest litigation; and Malaysia's untenable education & justice systems.
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