Record a short video with our Sticker in solidarity for the four Plaintiffs' fight for pendidikan bersih.

1. Grab a sticker
Draw, print, or request a Tiada.Guru sticker.
2. Record a video
Record a short video (5-10s) holding the sticker.
3. Share to social media
Share on Saturdays & tag #PendidikanBersih.
1. Grab a sticker
Draw, print, or request a Tiada.Guru sticker.
2. Record a video
Record a short video (5-10s) holding the sticker.
3. Share to social media
Share on Saturdays & tag #PendidikanBersih.
* Optional Step 4: Enter your videos into the Freedom Film Network documentary's final montage. Review the detailed instructions below and upload your videos to our Dropbox.
The power of Saturdays should not be underestimated.

Every Saturday in 2023

Record your video whenever and share it whenever.

If you would like to join the movement, we encourage all supporters to share their videos to social media on any Saturday in 2023.

Tag your video #PendidikanBersih to join the wave.

Post your Tiada.Guru sticker video to social media on any Saturday in July:  2 July, 9 July, 16 July, 23 July, or 30 July.
Start recording in less than two minutes

Get Your Tiada.Guru Sticker

1. Print stickers for black & white printers

One A4 sheet with 6x Tiada.Guru stickers ready to be hand-coloured.
Download PDF (A4)

2. Print stickers for colour printers

One A4 sheet with 6x Tiada.Guru stickers ready for recording. Lucky you!
Download PDF (A4)

4. Request a batch of stickers

Tiada.Guru is distributing 1,000 stickers to CSOs and activists in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. Please email us at
stickers everywhere.
johor. kedah. kelantan. malacca.
Negeri Sembilan. Pahang. Perak.
Penang. Perlis. Sabah. Sarawak.
Selangor. Terengganu. Labuan.
Kuala lumpur. Putrajaya.
Stickers Everywhere

Common Questions

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Why stickers? What can we do?

Stickers Everywhere has two goals: 

Goal #1

By publicly sharing the text "tiada guru", we can break down the sustained culture of fear that prevents Malaysians from even discussing corruption in education, extreme teacher absenteeism, and MOE misconduct. In many corners of Malaysia, speaking against the Ministry of Education can lead to harsh rebukes, loss of livelihood, and physical threats from corrupt MOE officers.

In these dark corners of Malaysia—where lawyers, CSOs, activists, and the media rarely travel—it feels hopeless, as if like no caring person knows and those that know do not care.

Yet, in reality, corrupt MOE officers fearfully live as the minority: their facade depends on bystanders and witnesses staying silent not only in private, but in public spaces, too. When we reclaim public spaces where the rakyat exert our protection and our values, we start planting seeds of hope.

Goal #2 

These two High Court cases have put and will put astonishing pressure, fear, and attention on these four young girls. Living in one of the poorest districts in Malaysia, these girls have overcome obstacle after obstacle.

In these final moments before they face the Federal Government, they need us. They have come farther than most others ever will: still, they need their witnesses. They need solidarity, understanding, and allies.

Stand with them as they enter the Courtroom to defend us all.

What happens to the videos?

If your videos are only on social media: Tiada.Guru will share and compile as many as we can each weekend. These will be compiled into a short montage, with social media handles credited unless the poster explicitly requested anonymity.

If your videos are on our Dropbox for the documentary: Tiada.Guru and the Freedom Film Network will review the video files and include your videos in the documentary's final montage. We expect to approve almost all sticker videos (e.g., barring illegal filming). Names will be credited if the creator has shared their name within the Dropbox File Request form.

How can I get an official sticker?

If you would like to receive an official sticker: while the Tiada.Guru Campaign is unable to directly distribute stickers because we are a very small team, we will try our best to connect you with a local CSO that has available stickers. Please contact us on social media.

If you would like to professionally print the official stickers: please email us at and we will share the original Adobe Illustrator template file (2mm bleed) used for the stickers.

Where were these videos taken?

The montage videos were recorded by Tiada.Guru supporters in Kota Belud, Sabah, and the United Kingdom.

The still photos from each state & Federal Territory were sourced from Unsplash:

Johor | Photo by Alfred on Unsplash

Kedah | Photo by Izuddin Helmi Adnan on Unsplash

Kelantan | Photo by Izdihar Sahalan on Unsplash

Melaka | Photo by Hao Pan on Unsplash

Negeri Sembilan | Photo by Afeeq Nadzrin on Unsplash

Pahang | Photo by Amirul Aqid on Unsplash

Perak | Photo by sam riz on Unsplash

Penang | Photo by Keith Chan on Unsplash

Perlis | Photo by Hairullah Ponichan on Unsplash

Sabah | Photo by Traworld Official on Unsplash

Sarawak | Photo by Deva Darshan on Unsplash

Selangor | Photo by Alfred on Unsplash

Terengganu | Photo by Nur Syafiqah on Unsplash

F.T. Kuala Lumpur | Photo by Deva Darshan on Unsplash

F.T. Putrajaya | Photo by Afiq Samat on Unsplash

F.T. Labuan | Photo by Kervin Chong on Google Maps

Love your video? Send us the original video files and we'll add it to the documentary.
Press the gold button to review additional requirements. The original files should be uploaded to our Dropbox.