Kota Belud statistics

In 2021, Kota Belud was one of the ten poorest districts in Malaysia.

In 2019, Kota Belud was one of Malaysia's poorest districts, #134 from #158.

As of 2021 ⤤, now Kota Belud is one of the ten poorest (between #148 and #158)

Kota Belud's Absolute Poverty Rate (2019)

6x higher than Malaysia's average
3x higher than Malaysia's rural average

Kota Belud's Homes with Piped Water (2019)

Nearly 7 times higher than Malaysia's average

Kota Belud's Inequality Rate (2019)

The poorest 50% of Kota Beludians only earn ~22% of all income

sabah state statistics

Sabah is one of Malaysia's thirteen states: it has the second-highest child population, the highest poverty rate, and the worst inequality.

Sabah also has, by far, the lowest exam scores. End extreme teacher absenteeism.

Malaysia's Child Population by State (2018)

Malaysian School GPN Performance by State (2010 to 2017)

The GPN (Gred Purata Negeri) is an average of every student's performance in Malaysia's final national exams (SPM) | a smaller GPN means higher performance

Malaysia's Incidence of Poverty by State (1970 to 2016)

Incidence of Poverty in Sabah v. Malaysia as a whole (2009 to 2016)

Malaysia's Gini Coefficient by State (2016)

The Gini Coefficient measures the inequality between the rich and the poor; a higher Gini Coefficient means worse inequality

Malaysia's Average Monthly Wages by State (2010 to 2016)

Malaysia's Years of Median Annual Income Needed to Buy a Home by State (2012)

Malaysia's Literacy Rate by State & Region (2010)

Roughly 1 in 3 Malaysian children (28%) live in the three poorest states (2020)

malaysia education statistics

Malaysia's education has never been weaker: in an OECD survey, 20% of Malaysian principals "accidentally" admitted extreme teacher absenteeism affected learning.

The entire Ministry of Education knows.

Quality Education v. Actual Years in Malaysian Schools

Causes of Employee Disciplinary Action in Malaysia's Ministry of Education (2010 to 2017)

The Cost of Ignorance


—yearly losses as a result of a secondary school teacher's absence (source: UPSI)


—yearly losses as a result of a primary school teacher's absence (source: UPSI)


—lifetime income gap between an SPM certificate and a degree  (source: DOSM)

55 years

—how many years Malaysia has remained a "Middle Income Nation" (source: KRI)

Percent of Malaysia's Schools Affected by Teacher Absenteeism & If It Hindered Instruction, according to School Principals (2009)

Malaysia's 2019 Federal Budget