our last 18 months: march 2020 to august 2021

children, justice, sabah, and whistleblowers

For decades, children in Malaysia have been at war against corrupt senior public servants and politician-cowards. Afraid of losing power and wealth—built on pretentious reputations and propagandized personalities—these senior public servants and politicians refuse to acknowledge a war even exists.

In other nations, politicians have defied their own parties by appealing directly to the people if reforms were too slow ⤤. Here, politicians ask our families to sacrifice decades more while schooling their children abroad ⤤ or, when given an opportunity ⤤  to be transparent, feel spooked to admit their wealthy assets ⤤ while Sabah is deteriorating with a 19.5% absolute poverty rate ⤤.

Another serious part of the puzzle: in every government change, our public servants remain the same. We note the government has already admitted our public service is wholly ⤤ unprotected ⤤, responsible for a majority of corruption cases ⤤ , has plenty willing to assist ⤤ corrupt politician-cowards, makes naïve promises ⤤ that the public service can reform itself, and yet irrationally claims independence ⤤.

Three federal coalitions in four years: Barisan Nasional (BN), Pakatan Harapan (PH), and Perikatan Nasional (PN). Promises made and quickly abandoned—the first and last much, much more so. When asked to legislate and enforce justice, we heard refusals or claimed "internal delays". A door to justice opened after GE14, yet the nation's senior public servants and politicians chose to crawl out of a burning building.

Artist: zulkiflee anwar haque @ ZUNAR. Twitter Facebook Patreon. First: june 6, 2018. second: march 12, 2020.

By August 2021, these categorical failures to 1) educate first and 2) reform second have left our children an Executive Branch (e.g., all Ministries, all enforcement agencies) with the same unfathomable powers of the early 2000s:

Many forget how almost all of Malaysia's corruption and misconduct scandals were revealed: whistleblowers. In every Ministry, in every agency, in every contract, and in every scheme, whistleblowers are waiting.

Thus, the Tiada.Guru Campaign calls upon the immediate implementation of an significantly improved Whistleblower Protection Law ⤤ (such as independence from the ruling government's agencies, legal advice permitted, no OSA restrictions, and no Penal Code 203A restrictions). Brave students, judges, junior doctors, teachers, staff, enforcement officers, and many private citizens have all fought on the ground whereas politicians remained cowards in Putrajaya.

Malaysia's whistleblowers are everywhere, yet our laws and our politicians are nowhere.

Kampung Families

Example: the poorest family in a village whistleblowing a school principal's threats to protect their serial pedophile teacher.

Healthcare Workers

Example: nurses whistleblowing that their hospital administrator fabricated records, provided favours, and threatened staff.

Teachers & School Staff

Example: teachers whistleblowing that senior administrators are being protected while sexually harassing Form 2 and Form 3 students.

Judges & Lawyers

Example: a judge claims  judicial interference in high-profile cases rupturing impartiality and natural justice.

To these politicians, your communities are suffering and you have abandoned them by refusing to immediately enact serious whistleblower protection reforms. You abandoned public servants and you abandoned the public. You abandoned us in villages, in cities, in schools, in hospitals, in government offices, and we are in danger because of your unwillingness to sacrifice your political safety for our physical safety.

Honest politicians that confront the whole of Malaysia on our nation's failures and  strategize our way to rakyat justice—instead of #ChickenReform—will be remembered.

P.S. Before you ask for "more data", start by understanding that whistleblowers are the data.

Over 60% of teachers are too afraid to report misconduct or corruption in schools

Source: "End Corruption in Education" Forum | 24 July 2021 ⤤

Without whistleblowers, our nation has no truth and reform has no urgency.

hope is not found, but made. evil is not brave, but protected. injustices are not just stories, but lives lived.

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