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Decades of injustice are coming to an end. The truth is about to prevail because we've made sure they've run out of places to hide.

🔥 Tiada.Guru supports justice for a former student’s public interest litigation against a teacher who allegedly did not enter class for seven months. The issue of extreme teacher absenteeism is a well-known issue for all Malaysians, especially those in rural schools. It may seem like a "disconnected" issue, but this problem has created a negative culture everywhere.

🔎 Tiada.Guru only focuses on extreme levels of teacher absenteeism—teachers who do not teach in their classrooms for months and weeks. Imagine a student who has not had a teacher for months, while coming to school every day. Imagine the other teachers who sacrifice and teach their own lessons year-round, but are forced to make extra classes covering for their extremely absent colleagues, who take home the same pay but without the work. Of course, these good teachers will never be able to adequately make up. Imagine if this situation lasted for years, even decades. How many generations of children will have been oppressed and left without justice?

💰 When teachers intentionally skip teaching for months, every stakeholder loses. Try to find a single organization who pays their absent workers. Would you want to work for an employer who demanded you work for your salary, but still happily paid their extremely absent employees and expected you to pick up the slack?

🎭 Extreme teacher absenteeism must be stopped now with real accountability. Just transferring these extremely absent teachers to another school is a government-legitimized injustice to claim “our government responsibility is done—the case is over." Where is justice for the abused, abandoned, and often destitute students who had no teacher for months, if not years?

👀 The Ministry of Education can choose whether to empower the integrity of educators or reject the reality of the issue by silencing oppressed students and teachers. Indeed, a good or bad legacy begins after an integrity crisis. The Ministry’s choices today will be remembered forever.


"The culture of fear for speaking up must end.”

Pulau Sapi, Sabah | Fahrul Azmi ⤤ on Unsplash ⤤