Our System Today

Accountability is shared. Responsibility is not. Who failed? Who put their private interests over the country? Who oversaw human rights abuses? Who must face the consequences?

💢 If you look at every level of the Malaysian education system, it seems impossible for extreme teacher absenteeism to exist. Our system is designed, obviously, to solve basic issues like employee attendance.

🚩 Yet, if just one level works dishonestly or irresponsibly, then the entire system can break indefinitely and permanently.                          


Head of Panel

Head of Department

First Assistant School Headmaster

School Headmaster

Unit Head of Academic Management at the District Education Office

Chief Education Officer at the District Education Office

Unit Head of Academic Management at the State Education Department

Director of the State Education Department

👉 Who are these people for your school? For your brother or sister? For your children? 

🔥 For Siti Nafirah's case, find their names in Litigation Turns the Lights On. What are the laws governing this public servants? Take a deep dive in Law of the Land. Have these "public" servants ever acted or condoned this negligence before? Don't let them erase their past: explore the 30-Year History of extreme teacher absenteeism.


"The culture of fear for speaking up must end.”

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah | Calvin Dee ⤤ on Unsplash ⤤