Absent teachers are a serious issue ⤤ Borneo Post

He said the results of the monitoring and inspection by the Board of Inspectors and Quality Assurance on 22 February 2020, found that a total of 117 teachers from 11 schools were absent from duty, while on 25 May 2020, a total of 157 teachers from 14 schools were also absent from duty. 

Muhiddin stressed that although the incident may have been isolated, however, the matter cannot be allowed to continue because it can cripple the country’s education system if not addressed properly.

The issue of absent teachers is serious ⤤Stephanie Lau Shan Shan

  • Written by four training teachers at the Institut Pendidikan Guru at Tuanku Bainun
  • "Guru ponteng" has been an issue for many years, but only now is being reported in newspapers
  • Issue occurs mostly in rural and remote areas
The Code of Teaching Ethics clearly states the accountability of teachers to their trustees in the field of education. One of the Codes of Ethics in the teaching profession that is violated is that, "Teachers should not behave in such a way that it can tarnish the professional nature and which will cause the loss of public trust in the teaching profession".

Furthermore, teachers that miss work violate the Code of Ethics again here: "Teachers must behave in such a way as to be a good example to their students".

Overall, teachers are the type of people that will always attract attention no matter where they are. All of a teacher's actions are always noticed by the surrounding community.

It is an obligation for teachers to practice self-appearance and show high decency to preserve the dignity of the teaching profession.


District Education Department aware teachers from SK Bihai  are skipping classes ⤤Malaysiakini

The Education Office in Gua Musang was informed that teachers in schools for children in the Orang Asli in Kelantan - SK Bihai - just teach them three days a week.

The dialogue session was held at the Perak Jubilee Hall in Kuala Betis, Gua Musang, after Orang Asli parents complained about teachers slapping four Year Six students - all of whom are non-Muslims - for not reciting prayers after lunch.

Another individual that attended the dialogue session was the Commissioner of the Human Rights Commission (SUHAKAM), Muhammad Sha'ani Abdullah.

Estimating the output loss of teacher absenteeism in school ⤤ —  Intan Fairuzzah Binti Abdullah, UPSI

The losses due to the absence of teachers in the secondary schools studied, matched to the number of working days, is RM268,339.18 each year.


Melindungi Masa Instruksional | Kembali Kepada Yang Asas | Pemimpin Instruksional, Guru Mengajar dan Murid Belajar ⤤  — Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia

Many problems exist with such a report. (1) Possible MOE selection bias: only "successful" schools were asked to write a chapter (was the MMI program the actual driving factor for these improvements?...), (2) MOE employees are not allowed to comment on MOE policy failures without much higher-level approval, and (3) Possible principal selection bias: did the MOE-selected principals write about the most serious cases of extreme teacher absenteeism?

Principals should observe and then take disciplinary actions against teachers who…

…teachers are not in school. (p. 7, 10, 37, 82, 115)

…teachers are not in class. (p. 38, 39, 45, 76, 82, 96, 103, 145, 203, 207, 211)

…teachers are not in class. (p. 11)

…teachers are not in classroom. (p. 8, 24, 192)

“O you who believe! Do not betray (the trust) of Allah and His Messenger, and do not betray your trust, while you know the wrong.” (p. 23)

If the teacher assumes that teaching students is like teaching his own children, it is certain that the teacher will strive to teach diligently to ensure that students learn effectively. (p. 23)

Studies show that there is a clear correlation between the quality of instructional time and student academic performance (Baker et al. 2004). (p. 37)

Findings from the Board of Inspectors and Quality Assurance (JNJK) at the Ministry of Education and a study conducted at the state level found that some principals pay less attention to PdP. (p. 87)


Teachers are absent without permission ⤤  — Sinar Harian

Not only school students are linked to the problem, but some teachers in the state are also absent from work without permission.
Kelantan Director of Education, Hussien Awang said, his party takes this issue seriously and is optimistic to overcome the problem of misconduct among educators in Kelantan.


The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence, Teacher Job Satisfaction, And Organisational Citizenship Behaviour Among Teachers in Public Primary School ⤤ Dr. Christine Augustine Kiek, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris

It is apparent that teacher absenteeism when excessive will impact negatively on student academic achievement as student learning is disrupted when a teacher is repeatedly absent from the classroom.

Studies (Miller, 2007; Whelan 2008; Clotfelteret al., 2009) have indicated that teacher’s absence negatively affects student’s academic performance.

The researchers stated that successful learning outcomes can only occur when pupils are taught by teachers who applies effort is present in the classroom and spends time actually teaching so as to maximize instruction.

Should Putrajaya control education? Decentralising education in Malaysia ⤤ Nina Adlan Disney

She cautioned that decentralisation alone was not the answer, highlighting OECD studies stressing methods of learning as opposed to  decentralisation.

A great concern was over the quality of teachers themselves. Top PISA  nations have teachers of the best calibre, whereas in Malaysia, there are issues over attracting and retaining talent as well as teacher absenteeism.


Civil servant was fired only after 2,002 days of absenteeism ⤤ — Free Malaysia Today

Malaysian bureaucrat fired after 2,000 days of absence ⤤Asian Correspondent

Loose discipline among public servants ⤤ My SinChew

  • State a majority (55.4%) of Education Ministry disciplinary cases involve absenteeism. The most egregious example is 2,002 days without service (in a rural area)—not an office nor department, but inside a rural school
  • States integrity includes not just corruption, abuse of power, and embezzlement, but also negligence, weakness of governance, financial management, and absenteeism
  • Claims MOE will take "drastic action", but only 1,996 disciplinary penalties have been imposed (over 200k teachers), thus less than 0.5%
  • Issue affects not just the MOE, but other Ministries as well
  • Malaysian gov't is the country's largest employer, with over 1.6 million "public servants"
  • Government salary expenses rose from RM22 billion to RM47 billion between 2003 to 2016
  • Pensions of civil servants rose from RM5.9 billion to RM19 billion between 2013 and 2016