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Learn why we started, what we're fighting for, and where we're going.

The One Sentence Summary

The Tiada.Guru campaign is fighting for a big lawsuit for a giant justice movement: it is time for Malaysia to rise for clean education.

Tell me more about the Tiada.Guru campaign

30 years. For 30 years, Malaysians have talked about extreme teacher absenteeism and abuses of power to hide extreme teacher absenteeism by Education Ministry officers, yet in 2020 still there is no justice. For those without the power of political connections, abuses are expected. The fake pious cowards simply murmur, "Tunggu untuk akhiratlah untuk keadilan." These people have the political calculations to admit injustices exist, but not the spines to demand justice.

For once, there is a bright light of justice at the end of the tunnel: no backdoor agreements, no out-of-court settlements, no compromise.

Tiada.Guru is the grassroots justice campaign for a public interest litigation case filed by Siti Nafirah binti Siman, a B40 Sabahan student, against seven defendants: an allegedly seven-month absent English teacher, her school principal "Pengetua Cemerlang", the Kota Belud District Education Department, the Sabah State Education Department, the Ministry of Education, and the Federal Government of Malaysia.

There is no turning back for Plaintiff Siti Nafirah binti Siman. And there is no turning back for the Tiada.Guru campaign. We hope after you read these pages, you'll join us on the journey of a lifetime.

Our campaign has three major goals:

  • ensuring total justice at the High Court civil suit, through continuous grassroots attention and historical context-building
  • ensuring all alleged criminal conduct in Siti Nafirah's case is investigated and, if found, prosecuted to the fullest against (no double-standards for senior public servants)
  • ensuring the voices of victimized students & former students, whistleblowing teachers, and grassroots allies overpower the propaganda of turn-the-lights-off politicians and errant enforcement agencies (the Ministry of Education included).

And then we will turn on the lights everywhere. We will see you in every kampung, in every district, and in every state to demand justice for every child.

Who are you fighting for?

We are fighting for the heroes and to-be-heroes of a just, clean, and brave new Malaysia.

  • the Sabahan, Sarawakian, orang asli, and Peninsular children that when they claimed their right to a quality education were instead dehumanized, neglected, and abused.
  • the whistleblower teachers who knew they were the only hope for the defenseless, the innocent, and the weak—even after they were ignored, intimidated, and silenced.
  • the frightened, enraged, and passionate parents who sacrificed decades of their lives so that their children might be educated and grow in a better, safer, and brighter world. And then, when dishonest teachers abandoned their duties, these parents watched their life's only dream be stolen in front of their shaking eyes.
  • the persistent, incisive, and brave grassroots activists who knew the truth and never stopped speaking it because they were shouting for those who could not speak.
  • the ordinary Malaysian, whose heart twists in fear every time they read another headline of an abused child & another "internal" investigation. And those cases are only the ones where victims came forward. How many others never had a headline, they wonder. As do we.
  • the defiant Malaysian who knows justice is never permanent, but compelled. Hope is not found, but made. Evil is not brave, but shielded. Injustices aren't words, but lives lived.

Who are you and why did you all start this campaign?

"If one really wishes to know how justice is administered in a country, one does not question the policeman, the lawyers, the judges, or the protected members of the middle class. One goes to the unprotected—those, precisely, who need the law's protection most!—and listens to their testimony."

— James Baldwin

Because we have been on the other side and we know the truth. Because we've prepared this campaign as justice-first and exposure-first, there will be no turning back.

  • Tiada.Guru is made up of selected survivors, whistleblowers, and activists who will stop at nothing. No fancy names or titles here: no political parties, no fake reformers, no racists.
  • Tiada.Guru isn't compromising with minor reforms or compromises or cheap talk. We will pressure those with power—and we'll keep pushing until it hurts. And then we'll push some more. This lawsuit is a demonstration of that sheer will.
  • Tiada.Guru is prepared to sustain itself until systemic avenues of justice are provided for all children in Malaysia: the faster systemic justice arrives, the better. Shameful shortcuts for the few & compromises for the rest come from the language of the privileged wealthy: we will not yield against injustices.
  • Tiada.Guru isn't interested in spineless status quo commentators nor their belligerent defenders: the people are the rightful heirs of this government. No child should need to fight for justice: we will work resolutely on only avenues of justice for all children.

Read more about our beginning in Our Story.

What can I do to help?

1. Use the resources here to build a strong foundation.

We had a lot of learning to do in the beginning. The system is not necessarily complex, but it's often hidden.

2. Give Anonymous Support

3. Give Public Support


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4. In Real Life

  • Tell your in-person allies and friends, especially honest teachers & victimized children: "We support you." No one should be afraid to defend the right to a quality education—except those corrupt enough to profit from its denial.
  • Write to Malaysian news media & demand they take these cases far more seriously: illustrate the socioeconomic context, contextualize cases among hundreds of other reports, and clearly illustrate legal accountability in every article.


"The culture of fear for speaking up must end.”

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