The High Court Cases

Read from leading Malaysian and international journalists as they cover 18-year-old Siti Nafirah Binti Siman's High Court public interest litigation against extreme teacher absenteeism.

It is is time for change  justice.


This is the story of the right to a quality education and 18-year-old Siti Nafirah binti Siman.

In late 2018, Siti Nafirah summoned seven Defendants to High Court in public interest litigation—the chain of alleged misconduct extended from her teacher in Kota Belud, Sabah, to the Malaysian Federal Government in Putrajaya. Her Statement of Claim details a seven-month absent teacher, a massive and systemic cover-up by the Malaysian Ministry of Education, and stories of numerous corroborating witnesses.

She is not backing down.

Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime journey for a fight on the right to a quality education.

How an 18-year-old Sabahan girl will defeat the Federal Government for justice for all:

File the High Court Summons

Win the Discovery Application

Win the Further & Better Particulars Application

Defeat the Federal Government's Striking Out Application

Win the High Court Case to set a historical legal precedent for:

the right to a quality education


abolish the myth of "caring elites who fight for the rakyat"

human rights

a clean & honest civil service

a justice-based, hopeful rakyat

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